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I am the founder of Atemi Sports - I started this company a few years ago to give myself the freedom to pursue my love of self-improvement and make the world my oyster. I want to share my passion for all things fitness related – strength training, HIIT, martial arts, yoga, and of course, the gym.Ah, the gym! I can still remember the first time I set foot in that strange room with its unknown contraptions. I smelled the smell of a million workouts and felt the spirits of the place welcome me as a friend. I was just a boy then, too young to understand, but somehow I knew I had found a special place. That was until the big angry man told me to f**k off. But I knew I’d be back!I welcome all kind of contact with you, my fellow sport lovers and scholars in the ways of strength. Please send all your comments, suggestions, love letters and hate mail to if you don’t follow Atemi Sports on Facebook and Instagram, well then you’re just not cool.