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Resistance Bands for Stretching: 20 Exercises for Flexibility & Strength

Is it a good idea to use resistance bands for stretching? To be honest… not necessarily. Mostly, you wouldn’t want to use a resistance band as a stretching aid because the elasticity of the material will hinder you from getting deeper into the stretch. For some movements it’s good to

50 Resistance Loop Band Exercises: Ultimate Workout Guide

This is the ultimate guide to resistance loop band exercises – 50 workout ideas for training your whole body. All of the exercises in this guide can be done with a 208cm resistance loop – one of the most versatile and cost effective training tools on the entire planet. Why

Resistance Bands for Bodybuilding: How to Get Bigger with Bands

Using resistance bands for bodybuilding is a great way to diversify your workout, keep your muscles guessing and maintain an anabolic state of muscle growth. On top of that, if you ever find yourself away from a gym, or locked out because of a pandemic, having a trusty band within

Shoulder Rehab Exercises for Recovery After Surgery

Recovery after shoulder surgery can be slow and painful, but doing shoulder rehab exercises is the best way to speed up the healing process and avoid long-term complications. In this post I would like to show you a series of 7 rehab exercises you can do with a shoulder pulley

Build Explosive Strength With These Slam Ball Exercises

Slam balls are similar to medicine balls, except that they are heavier and have a thicker rubber shell that prevents the ball from rebounding. They also tend to offer better grip, many models incorporating a rubber tire or basketball style grip. They can be used for cardio workouts but are

50 Mini Band Exercises: Ultimate Resistance Loop Workout Guide

Here it is: the best resistance loop workout guide you will find anywhere on or off the internet – 50 mini band exercises to hit every single muscle in your body. Are you feeling pumped? You better be. I had to think long and hard before publishing this guide. Just

20 Hip Flexor Exercises for Strength & Flexibility

Doing hip flexor strength exercises is important for anyone who lives an active lifestyle and wants to improve their performance and stay injury-free. Because these muscles play such a key role in movement, keeping them strong and flexible is also vital for people with reduced mobility, whether this is from

Resistance Bands for Running | Best Strength Exercises for Runners

Is it a good idea to use resistance bands for running? Most definitely. In this post I’m going to tell you how adding exercise bands to your training arsenal can help you: Improve your running strength Solidify your technique Lessen the chance of injury We’re going to look in detail

Resistance Bands for P90X | Supercharge your Workout

This post is all about using resistance bands for P90X. First I’m going to talk a little bit about this amazing fitness program, what it’s all about and why it’s good for you. Then I’m going to introduce a few kinds of resistance bands you can use for P90X, explain

Resistance Band Rows for Strength Training

Resistance band rows are one of the best exercises you can do for building muscle mass in your back without using weights. Although it’s difficult to beat barbell or cable rows for mass-inducing effectiveness, using a resistance band makes it not just easier to workout at home (or anywhere you

Glute Isolation Exercises: Resistance Band Kickbacks

  This post is all about resistance band kickbacks, one of the very best glute isolation exercises you can do to build a more bootylicious behind. Doing resistance band kickbacks regularly will isolate and encourage muscle growth in the three major glute muscles (Maximus, Medius and Minimus), making your booty

Resistance Bands for Thighs | 21 Thigh Exercises with Bands

  This post is all about using resistance bands for thighs and how to create for yourself a beautiful pair of toned and shapely legs, just by exercising with bands. We’re not talking about big strong powerlifter legs here. If this is what you want, the solution is simple: take

Resistance Band Tricep Workout | 10 Exercises for Muscle Mass

  In this resistance band tricep workout I want to show you 10 exercises for building bigger and stronger triceps. Doing these tricep exercises with resistance bands means you have far more options than you would with free weights. This is because you can attach the band anywhere and exercise

7 Stretches for Shoulder Pain Relief

In this post I want to show you a series of stretches for shoulder pain, which you can easily do at home to relieve the symptoms and treat the root cause of your condition. Shoulder pain is very common, affecting most people at some point in their life. There are

Band Hip Thrust Workout for Bigger Glutes

This post is all about the resistance band hip thrust, which is one of the best exercises for getting bigger glutes and a stronger core. You may have seen people in the gym doing hip thrusts with a barbell resting on their thighs. While that’s one of the best glute

Resistance Bands for Biceps | Bicep Workout for Huge Arms

  In this post I’m going to tell you about using resistance bands for biceps, and how to get bigger, stronger arms just by using bands for your bicep workout. You can use resistance bands instead of free weights to do different kinds of bicep curls (which are really the

Resistance Bands for Hamstrings

You can use resistance bands for hamstrings exercises in order to strengthen these muscles which are otherwise so hard to workout unless you have access to machines. Hamstrings are used for bending the knee and extending the hip, playing a crucial role in your daily movement and sports activities. Your

30 Resistance Tube Exercises | The Ultimate Tube Band Workout Guide

  I put together a list of all the resistance tube exercises I could think of and, being pretty much a nice kind of guy, I just had to share it with you. So this is my ultimate tube band workout guide for your enjoyment. In this guide I’ve included

Resistance Bands for Boxing | Increase Speed & Power

  This post is all about using resistance bands for boxing to improve your speed, power and punching technique. The beauty of resistance bands is that they can be easily adapted to sports-specific movements for increasing functional strength and power. Adding a resistance bands component to your boxing is a

Stretching for Men | How to Increase Flexibility

  Hey guys, I want to talk to you about the benefits of stretching for men and how to increase flexibility fast. When you think about your workouts, do you truly feel you’re getting the most out of them and maximizing your results? I can tell you now, if you

Resistance Bands for Full Body Workout | Complete Training Guide

  This is a complete guide to using resistance bands for full body workout. I’ve had a look at the best resistance bands for exercising your whole body and narrowed them down to three, based on their versatility, function and value for money. In this guide I’ve included several key

Resistance Bands for Door Workouts | 10 Door Anchor Exercises

  Who knew you could use resistance bands for door workouts and turn your home into a fully equipped strength gym? The secret lies in the humble doorway that connects to your living room, kitchen or upstairs boudoir. You see, the space which lies along the door frame where the

12 Rotator Cuff Exercises with Bands & Shoulder Pulley

In this post I want to show you how to do rotator cuff exercises with bands and a shoulder pulley. Do these exercises regularly to keep your shoulders healthy and injury free or to recover from existing injuries. The rotator cuff is actually a group of muscles and tendons which

Resistance Bands for Push Ups | How to Build a Bigger Chest

  Most people would never think to use resistance bands for push ups. The push up, surely, is a perfect exercise on its own – a superbly functional calisthenics movement you can do anytime, anywhere without the need for equipment. And you’d be right to think that. Push ups are

Resistance Bands Exercises for Beginners

  I believe that doing resistance bands exercises for beginners is the best entry point into strength training for newbies. In this post I want to cover: The benefits of using resistance bands if you’re new to strength training What are the best resistance bands for beginners A few of

Resistance Bands for Deadlifts | How To Do Band Deadlifts

  I want to talk to you about using resistance bands for deadlifts. That may sound counterintuitive. Why would you use resistance bands for deadlifts?? After all, the deadlift is the mightiest lift of them all. It is the Herculean task of lifting a ferociously heavy barbell off the floor

Can You Lose Weight with Kettlebells?

  Kettlebells have taken the fitness world by storm. They can be used for many different exercises, are easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. Their popularity has led to the question “can you lose weight with kettlebells?”   How to Lose Weight In order to lose weight, you need to

Resistance Bands for Pull Ups | How to Use Pull Up Assist Bands

Pull ups are one of the best upper body strength exercises you can do, but you may feel put off by their difficulty. Fear no more. Using resistance bands for pull ups lets you gradually prepare yourself for the movement and experience the full benefits of this incredible calisthenics exercise.

Resistance Bands for Squats | Supercharge Your Leg Workout

  In this post I want to tell you about using resistance bands for squats. Specifically, I’ll cover:   Why it’s a good idea to do squats with resistance bands What kind of bands you can use for squats Different kinds of squat exercises using resistance bands   First let’s

Best Half Yoga Ball Reviews For Stability Training

  The half yoga ball, or Bosu Ball, enables you to improve balance and stability while strengthening your core. It can also be used to aid in injury recovery. The ball itself is a relatively simple piece of kit, but it needs to be stable and durable. It should be

Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2020

Kettlebells make a versatile addition to the home gym. They can get the heart pumping and blood flowing as part of a cardio workout and they can build and tone muscle as part of a strength training program. Owning a full set can take up too much room in the

Kettlebell Vs Dumbbell: Which Is Best?

  Most gyms include a selection of both kettlebells and dumbbells and each have their merits. Most people have used dumbbells before and grown to trust them, but also have an inkling awareness of the dynamic, full body workout that kettlebells can offer. A comparison of kettlebell vs dumbbell is

Resistance Band Chest Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Doing resistance band chest exercises is a great way to diversify your workout and stimulate faster growth in your pectoral muscles. Of course, we all know the king of chest exercises will always be the mighty bench press. If your dream is to build the biggest chest on the block

7 Best Slam Ball Reviews

  In this post we review 7 of the best slam balls available today. Slam balls are versatile, iron-sand filled balls that are typically used for strength training. They are heavier than a medicine ball and they won’t bounce back when you slam them. Commonly used for CrossFit, slam balls

Shoulder Impingement Exercises to Treat Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

  In this post I’d like to show you a series of shoulder impingement exercises you can do to treat rotator cuff tendinitis. Doing these exercises will help you to: Speed up the process of recovery Strengthen your rotator cuff muscles safely and effectively Help to prevent re-injury in future

What Muscles Do Kettlebell Swings Work?

  Kettlebell swings were introduced to the US by Russian fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline at the turn of the 21st Century. Since their introduction, Russian kettlebells have become a familiar sight in many gyms and a popular choice for home workouts. You can use kettlebells for ballistic strength training as

Frozen Shoulder Exercises: Best Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

  In this post I want to show you a series of frozen shoulder exercises you can do if you want to: Relieve pain Improve range of motion, and Speed up the process of recovery The best treatment for frozen shoulder will always be the one which works naturally to

Shoulder Pulley Exercises for Physical Therapy and Rehab

  Shoulder pulley exercises are one of the best ways to gently strengthen weak shoulders, recover after shoulder surgery or injury, and relieve conditions such as bursitis, arthritis and frozen shoulder syndrome.   What is a shoulder pulley? A shoulder pulley for physical therapy is a simple cord with adjustable

Pull Up Bar Stand Reviews 2021

The pull up bar stand is a freestanding piece of home gym equipment. It’s great if you can’t fit a door bar to your door frame or want a pull up station that allows for a greater range of exercises. It also allows you to keep all your home gym

9 Benefits Of Doing Step Aerobics At Home

Step aerobics is a simple and fun way of staying fit and getting the heart pumping. In this post, we look at some of the incredible benefits of doing step aerobics on a regular basis. Even if you have no experience, you can easily pick up step aerobics and start

Swiss ball exercises to keep you fit at home

 Staying fit at home doesn’t mean you have to splurge on tons of different workout equipment. In fact, with nothing more than a Swiss ball and a few resistance bands, you can keep yourself uber fit without ever having to step into a gym. Doing Swiss ball exercises is incredible

10 Best Kettlebells For Home Use 2020

Kettlebells can seem intimidating. Cast iron models look like cannon balls with handles. At first glance, exercises like kettlebell swings can look scary and even a little dangerous. But the best kettlebells have a wide handle that makes them ideal for dynamic exercises like swings. You can use kettlebells for

14 Health Benefits Of Kettlebell Exercises

There are lots of benefits to using kettlebells. From a practical standpoint, they offer a total body workout from a single, small piece of gym equipment. They are inexpensive compared to dumbbell sets and machines, even if you buy a set of three good quality bells. You can exercise anywhere

Resistance Band with Handles Workout | 30 Exercises

This is my ultimate resistance band with handles workout guide, containing 30 key exercises you can do at home or in the gym. Using a resistance band with handles lets you workout your whole body wherever you are, and the door anchor gives you so many extra workout possibilities. Use

Resistance Bands for Dips | Easy Steps to Dip Mastery

You can use resistance bands for dips in two different ways – either to make the exercise easier, or to make it more difficult. In this post, I want to show you both ways. Dips are an awesome calisthenics exercises which mainly target your chest and tricep muscles. Mastering this

The Best Vibrating Foam Roller To Relieve Muscle Pain in 2020

Athletes have used foam rollers for years, as a means of relaxing aching muscles and reducing stress and tension in the body. You can use them before or after exercise, or as a means to relieve back pain and other aches. The vibrating foam roller takes this a step further

Prevent Running Injuries | 5 Effective Tips for Staying Injury-Free

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running for years, knowing how to prevent injuries is a must for all runners. The repetitive strain caused by running can easily lead to injury, and the pounding taken by your whole body presents a problem for runners of all ages. Increasing

How To Use Resistance Bands For Working Out

  I’d like to show you how to use resistance bands for working out your whole body. In this guide I’ll introduce three of the most popular kinds of resistance bands for working out at home, in the gym or on the move. For each band I’m going to show

Best Elderly Exercise Equipment | Top 5 Exercise Bands for Seniors

  In this post, which is all about exercise equipment for the elderly, I’m going to countdown five of the best exercise bands for seniors. These bands are all great for: Low impact, gentle exercise Strengthening your joints safely Increasing range of motion Recovery from existing injury Prevention of future

Resistance Bands for Basketball Training: 6 Ways to Improve your Game

  This article is all about how to use resistance bands in your training and get better at basketball. You can use resistance bands to improve your explosiveness on the court and develop better agility and a higher vertical jump. Bands are perfect for strengthening your legs for movement in

Resistance Bands for Hips | Best Hip Workout Tool

The best resistance bands for hips are simple elastic loops which you wear around your legs while doing lower body exercises. They may be simple, but they’re extremely effective for working the muscles that will give you those beautiful bikini-body curves. How do they work? Looping a resistance band around

How To Get Fit Fast: Boost Your Cardio In Just 2 Weeks

  This article is all about how to get fit fast and what kind of exercises you can do to give yourself a massive cardio boost in just 2 weeks. Getting fit quickly takes effort, but the kinds of exercises you do will make a huge difference. I’ve used all

Best Resistance Bands for Glutes: Top 4 Booty Builders

  Choosing the best resistance bands for training your glutes, you have to think about a few different things: Will they last a long time so you don’t have to keep replacing them? Will they slip out of place or roll up your leg when you use them? Most importantly:

10 Benefits of Calisthenics Training | Calisthenics vs Weights

  Exercise used to be a simple affair. Long ago, before gym culture blew up and the world was gripped by fitness fever, working out was a lot less complicated than today. Back then we weren’t so scientific about the whole thing. We didn’t put too much thought into isolating

Calisthenics Resistance Bands: 9 Bodyweight Exercises with Bands

  Calisthenics is one of the hottest words in fitness at the moment. What are calisthenics? Basically, any movement where the resistance is provided by the weight of your own body is a calisthenics exercise. Pull ups and push ups are classic examples. Type calisthenics into YouTube and you’ll see

Resistance Bands for Shoulders: 12 Shoulder Exercises with Bands

I can think of three reasons why using resistance bands for shoulders is a good idea. Firstly, bands can be fixed at any point and they don’t rely on gravity, so resistance can be applied from any angle. This makes them excellent for targeting specific joints and muscles through many

12 Resistance Band Back Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Doing resistance band back exercises is a great alternative to using free weights. OK, for pure muscle-building, mass-inducing heavy lifting, it’s hard to beat a good old barbell and set of heavy plates. If you want to get big and super strong, I’m not going to tell you to forget

Exercise Bands for Legs, Glutes & Core: 20 Minute Workout

Here’s a quick 20 minute workout you can do using exercise bands for legs, glutes and core. Sometimes quick workouts are the best because they’re the easiest to fit into your life schedule, do regularly and keep doing for a long time. Do something regularly for long enough, it becomes

15 Physical Therapy Shoulder Exercises with Resistance Bands

This post is all about using resistance bands to do physical therapy shoulder exercises. My shoulders have taken a beating over the years. Rugby, jujitsu, weightlifting, boxing – all have taken their toll. One rotator cuff operation and countless shoulder physical therapy exercises later, I’m pretty much OK. Just that

15 Mini Resistance Band Ab Exercises for a Rock-Solid Core

  Using a mini resistance band for ab exercises is one of the best ways to train your core muscles and get ripped fast. But not so many people know how to do resistance band ab exercises. It’s not that obvious how to use an elastic band to work your

Resistance Band Leg Workout: 10 of the Best Leg Exercises with Bands

  I’m sure you’ve heard the advice “never skip leg day.” But I’m sure you’ve still skipped plenty of leg days. Training legs can seem like a chore – it’s exhausting, and frankly just not as fun as upper body workouts. Often you end up limping around for several days

Booty Band Workout: 10 Glute Band Exercises for Killer Curves

This booty band workout is only for the seriously strong. Why is that? Well, I’m sure many of you have tried mini resistance band exercises for glutes and hips (like this workout). Mini bands do the job extremely well because they intensely target your bum, hip and thigh muscles. The

Resistance Band Arm Workout: 12 Pull Up Band Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

  I want to show you a great resistance band arm workout which you can literally do anywhere. For this workout you’re going to need a pull up band, which is a 208cm resistance loop made of layered latex. You won’t need anything else.     But why use resistance

How To Get A Six Pack Fast: 5 Ways To Get Ripped In 4 Weeks

I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of reasons why you want to know how to get a six pack fast. Maybe you want to improve your posture, or cure yourself of back pain. Or perhaps your dream is to be able to take a huge punch to the gut without getting

How To Lose Weight And Tone Up: 5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

  How to lose weight and tone up – the easy way? Wait, is there an easy way? I know there are plenty of quick fixes – crash diets, weight-loss pills, fasting, to name a few. But it’s just like pruning a garden: you snip here and snip there, but

10 Resistance Band Glute Exercises to Build a Perfect Booty

  Name all the best glute exercises you know. I mean, when you tell yourself that today you’re really going to go for that killer butt workout, which exercises would you choose? Most people will immediately say squats. Then maybe they’ll come up with lunges. After that, the average person

Resistance Bands for Strength Training: 5 Amazing Benefits

Would you believe me if I told you that using resistance bands for strength training beats using any other kind of workout equipment? Maybe not. Choosing the best strength training equipment depends on your goal, right? If you want to be built like a tank and have the strength of

Cheap Resistance Bands for Home Workout

Are you looking for cheap resistance bands for your home workouts? Atemi Sports sells low-priced but high-quality exercise bands – the perfect workout tools for your home gym. Our home workout resistance bands may be cheap, but they’ll never compromise on quality. Each one of our exercise bands features: Advanced

Where to Buy Resistance Bands Online | USA & UK

Where to buy quality resistance bands online? Look no further! Atemi Sports is a specialist online supplier of gym resistance bands in the USA, UK and EU. If you buy our resistance bands online, we guarantee you the following: Super fast delivery (your band will automatically ship from a warehouse

Resistance Bands for Pilates

Using resistance bands for Pilates is an excellent way to increase your strength and flexibility, which will help you to advance more rapidly with your Pilates practice. Unlike weights or machines, resistance bands are cheap and easy to carry with you anywhere. This makes them the perfect accessory for your

Resistance Bands for Yoga

Using resistance bands for yoga is a great way to increase your strength and flexibility to prepare yourself for getting into more challenging poses. Of course, latex hadn’t been invented at the time that Patanjali was writing his Yoga Sutras. And you won’t find resistance bands mentioned in any classical