208cm Resistance Loops


Heavy duty resistance loop bands, available in five different colours / resistance levels.

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  • STRENGTH TRAINING, ANYWHERE – fit easily into your bag and can be used to perform an infinite number of strength and fitness exercises. Add resistance to your callisthenics routine or use them for yoga, pilates, crossfit, aerobics and much more.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE – resistance bands offer many advantages over traditional weight training: not being limited by gravity, they allow resistance in any direction so that functional movements can be replicated with added resistance, making them an essential piece of kit for improving sports performance. Also, allowing for small muscle groups to be targeted and exercised safely from any direction makes them the ideal tool for injury rehabilitation and prevention.
  • FREE EXERCISE E-BOOK – containing 50 key exercises designed by fitness professionals, our guide lets you train your whole body and get the very most out of your bands. Accurately illustrated to demonstrate clearly the correct posture and technique for each exercise.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY – all Atemi Sports resistance bands are made from 100% natural Malaysian latex, which is valued as the highest quality raw material. Our bands, manufactured using patented layering technology, are among the most durable and long-lasting bands currently available. All of the resistance products in our range are backed up by our 2 year no-fuss guarantee. Click seller name to see our full range.
  • FIVE RESISTANCE LEVELS – each order includes one resistance band (circumference: 208cm) and a free exercise e-book. The bands are available in five strengths: Red (7-15kg); Black (10-30kg); Purple (15-40kg); Green (22-56kg); Blue (30-80kg).